A Salute To Horn Sections Everywhere

Horn sections have been around popular music since the day one caveman blew through a conch shell and his buddy joined in on a hollow yak bone. Classical composers learned to blend brass and woodwinds to create pleasing melodies, and Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman built huge careers around their horn-centric big band sound. 

But somewhere along the way, the horn section fell out of favor.  Which is a shame, because nothing adds punch to a song like a few well-placed blasts from a horn section. 

Horns never really went away and only a handful of acts have built big careers around the horn section.  Here are a few of our favorites: 

Blood Sweat & Tears 


Tower of Power 

The J.B.s 

Earth Wind & Fire 

Kool & The Gang 

The Ohio Players 

Ides of March 


There was one in particular horn band that caught the attention of a young man (way back when), that influenced him so much that he chose to play the trumpet.  The DTM Band Leader himself recalls listening to the music of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.  These horn bands as well as many others play a major role in the foundation of the Don’t Tell Mama Band.